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A Service Plan from Gas Doctor ensures that your heating system gets the inclusive preventative maintenance it needs to run smoothly and efficiently. Gas Doctor currently offers two service plans to cover Natural Gas or Propane heating equipment. The two plans cover the same parts but are differentiated by the energy efficiency of your system. Boilers and Furnaces are rated for energy efficiency based on their AFUE rating or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.

Our High-Efficiency Plan covers boilers or furnaces that are Energy Star rated with an AFUE rating of 90% or higher. This includes condensing boilers and furnaces and on-demand tankless heaters.

The Standard Atmospheric plan covers boilers or furnaces with an AFUE rating of 89% or lower, which includes systems with a pilot or chimney vent.

During the inspection of your boiler or furnace, our technician will inform you which plan your system falls under. Gas Doctor service plans cover all the parts that are listed below and the labor that is associated with the parts. You are not required to have purchased the heating system through the Gas Doctor to enroll in the service plan.

To enroll in the service plan Gas Doctor will have to thoroughly inspect your system. If the system has not been serviced in a while we will schedule a tune-up prior to enrollment.

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Gas Doctor - Service Plan Coverage
  • A thorough inspection of Boiler/Furnace interior and exterior surfaces, plus inspection of the firebox area.
  • Efficiency tests are performed with state-of-the-art instruments for maximum efficiency.
  • The necessary repair or replacement of all parts and controls needed for maximum efficiency and safe operation of your heating equipment, including labor, as listed below:
  • Aquastat
  • Barometric Damper
  • Blower Assembly (forced warm air)
  • Blower Motor (up to 1/4 HP, excludes ECM motors)
  • Blower Pulleys
  • Circulator (up to one zone, 007 only)
  • Circulator Relay (up to one zone)
  • Draft Diverter
  • Drain Valves
  • Electrical Firematic
  • Expansion Tank Draining
  • EXTROL #30 Expansion Tank
  • Fan Belt
  • Fan Control (excludes PC Boards)
  • Flame Sensor/Switch
  • Fuses
  • Gas Burner Cover Plate
  • Gas Cock
  • Gas Pressure Regulator
  • Gas Valve (excludes modulating or step gas valves)
  • Gauge Glass
  • Gauge Glass Washers
  • Hy Vent
  • Intermittent Pilot Control
  • Pigtail
  • Pilot Assembly
  • Pilot Tubing
  • Power Pile Generator
  • Pressure Gauge Switch
  • Roll-Out Switch
  • SPST Electric Switch
  • Standard Thermostat (heat only - up to one zone)
  • Steam Return Vents
  • Thermocouple
  • Thermopile
  • Transformer (24V only)
  • Zone Valve Heads
  • Purge/Bleed Air Bound System
  • Relief Valve

Please Note:

  • Service Plans are effective for one year from the billing invoice date.
  • Furnace and boiler inspections are performed April 1 to September 30 only, during normal business hours.
  • Last revised 6/1/2014.
Gas Doctor Emergency Service

EMERGENCY SERVICE is defined as having no heat or hot water.

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Gas Doctor's Service Plan Exclusions

Service Plans do not cover parts or labor when failure is due to the following:

  • Services to identify or remedy gas leaks
  • Coverage can be revoked if customer fails to pay for service with in terms
  • Coverage can be revoked if customer fails to remedy conditions identified as hazard
  • Coverage can be revoked if customer permits anyone other than a Gas Doctor representative to service equipment
  • Not providing adequate ventilation for combustion
  • Removal of materials containing asbestos
  • Monitoring vacant or unattended premises
  • Not maintaining clean air filters
  • Resetting circuit breakers
  • Leaving the Emergency Switch in the OFF position
  • Improper thermostat temperature and clock settings
  • Replacing batteries in system devices
  • Not available for heating systems with input in excess of 300,000 BTUs
  • Not maintaining an adequate water level
  • Flushing Low Water Cutoff
  • Venting
  • Frozen gas and/or water lines
  • Lack of preventative maintenance
  • Equipment damaged by power surges or portable home generators
  • Air Conditioning related parts are not covered
  • OEM or Special Order parts are not covered
Gas Doctor's Service Plan Terms & Conditions

This agreement also does not cover services, repair, or replacement of parts as a result of abnormal conditions beyond our control such as but not limited to, acts of God, war, flood, fire, hurricane, explosion, vandalism, and freeze-ups. Furthermore, the Gas Doctor is not liable for the inability to supply parts that are no longer available due to obsolescence.

This agreement is not written on a pro-rated basis and no refund will be given if canceled prior to the expiration date. We reserve the right to rescind or cancel the agreement without notice if any of the conditions set forth are not met.

The acceptance of all service plans by Gas Doctor are contingent upon inspection of your system and/or equipment by one of our licensed technicians. Any defective parts or systems not up to code will not be covered by the plan.

Your service plan will be automatically renewed on its anniversary date. Such renewal shall be subject to any price changes made by the Gas Doctor and its affiliates. Gas Doctor and its affiliates have the right to modify the general terms and conditions for service plans at any time.

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