Heating System Service

System Replacement from Gas Doctor

If you have an old boiler or furnace that is using too much fuel, we can replace it with an energy-efficient Natural Gas or Propane boiler or furnace. If you are tired of the expense of electric heat or the unpredictable bills associated with oil heat, now could be the time to convert to a Natural Gas or Propane heating system. The staff at the Gas Doctor can help you find the right heating system and have it installed by our trained licensed technicians.

Gas Doctor can replace your outdated system with a clean, efficient Oil heat system

Greater Efficiency with the Latest Technology

Heating and cooling equipment is ever-changing as technology is constantly advancing, allowing systems to deliver superior comfort while using less energy. Gas Doctor's equipment specialist tracks all the latest equipment to identify the best options for our customers.
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Choosing a System that's Right for You

Gas Doctor's equipment team will evaluate your current equipment and go over all of your upgrade options. From reducing your fuel consumption to making the switch from oil to a more modern system. Once you have selected a new system, we will install it following the manufacturer's specifications to ensure that you get the optimal performance and efficiency.