Natural Gas & Propane Water Heaters

Partnering with the most respected names in the industry

Gas Doctor is proud to carry a wide range of Water Heaters that can help you keep your clothes clean, showers warm, and dishes washed. Gas Doctor carriers a wide range of direct, indirect, and condensing waters heater from well-known suppliers like Viessmann, State, and Pure Pro. To find the exact State Water Heater that fits your needs head over to our State Water Heater Page

Viessmann Water Heaters

Viessmann Vitocell 300 Series

    300-V/H/W is a single coil made of high-alloy stainless steel that provides an excellent source of hot water at home. The Vitocell is designed to provide extremely hygienic water, excellent recovery time between use and reheating, and long service life. 42-119 gallon capacities

State Water Proline Water Heaters

State Water Heaters Proline Series

    Proline: Proline High-Efficiency Water Heaters have an internal microprocessor that provides enhanced operating to obtain the most efficient operation.

    Proline Master: Proline master series water heaters feature CoreGard. Water heaters use anode rods to heat the water inside the tank. CoreGard features larger or more anodes depending on the application. The Master series features an industry-leading 8-year warranty.

    Proline XE: Warranties ranging from 6-15 years. Come in Power Vent and Energy Efficiency variants to deliver one of the most energy-efficient water heaters on the market for any application.

  • Power vent water heater met ENERGY STAR requirements and provide a greater uniform energy factor.
  • Direct vent options allow for dual channel venting through one pipe, this pulls air from outside the home to allow for installation situations where there isn't enough venting inside the home.
Pure Pro Water Heaters

Pure Pro

    Pure Pro Water Heaters: Pure Pro indirect water heaters act as the perfect complement to the Trio and Advantage boilers. Using the boiler as the heat source your burner only fires when there is a need for the water to be heated. During the winter when the boiler is in use the water gets heated as a by-product of the boiler normal use. The Pure Pro Water Heaters feature an energy-efficient heat exchanger.