Converting From Oil to Natural Gas

Switching from Oil to Gas is easy with the Gas Doctor

Making the switch from oil to natural gas, the Gas Doctor has you covered! Gas Doctor has been converting homes from oil to gas for 15 years. Once you have decided to make the switch to natural gas, we will go over the entire process involved in making the switch from oil.

Gas Doctor - Common Questions About The Conversion Process

Common questions that we get about the conversion process

Can I convert my old oil system to natural gas?

  • In most applications, we can. In the case we cannot convert your old oil system, we carry a wide variety of oil boilers and furnaces that can replace your old oil system.
  • In some cases, a conversion burner can be put in to act as a replacement.

What happens to my old heating system?

  • The Gas Doctor will come in, evaluate your current heating system configuration, and begin the process of removing your old system.
  • The Gas Doctor will safely remove all of the piping, the old tank, and the furnace or boiler and safely dispose of the materials.

Will I get reimbursed from my oil company for the oil that I didn't use?

  • Oil companies will not typically reimburse for the oil as it can not be resold. For this reason, we recommend that oil tanks are 1/8 full or less at the time of scheduling the installation of your natural gas heating system.
  1. Once you have decided to make the switch to natural gas, please call the Gas Doctor and we will find out for you if natural gas is available in your area.
  2. Once confirmed it is then time for the Gas Doctor to make a house call. We will come out to discuss your options for natural gas, furnaces, boilers, and water heaters.
  3. Next, the location for the natural gas meter will need to be selected if you don't have natural gas in the home already. We will discuss with you the best place to have the meter to allow for the most efficient setup for the home.
  4. Gas Doctor will then install the correctly sized natural gas piping. After the piping has been installed and is in place, the Gas Doctor will install your new Natural Gas furnace or boiler. As part of your installation, we will connect all of your appliances and existing piping to the new heating system.
  5. Lastly, we will conduct a leak test and combustion test on your heating system, and any additional appliances to ensure the proper pressures and safety measures are in place.

Converting From Oil to Propane

Converting From Oil to Propane with Gas Doctor

Propane is a very versatile fuel source, not only can it be used for heating your home through a boiler or furnace, but it can be used to heat a number of other applications. Propane can be used to heat your water supply through an efficient on-demand tankless heater or a standard tank heater. You can use to cook meals on a propane-fired stove or range or a grill outside, dry clothes with an ultra-efficient dryer, and keep pools warm even on a cool fall night with a pool heater. It can be used to add ambiance to your home with a fireplace or outside with fire pits or tiki torches. Propane can also keep you comfortable during New England through a backup generator.

Located below is a list of steps taken to perform oil to propane conversion. All conversions done by the Gas Dr are performed by reputable technicians, we have 15 years worth of experience to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Steps involved in a typical propane conversion

  • Propane is available to all Gas Doctor customers throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Once you have made the decision to switch to Propane you have a couple of options when it comes to heating systems. We will help you decide on the Propane System that best fits your budget and energy needs.
  • Gas Doctor will work with your schedule to set a time to assess your energy needs and to go over the entire process from selecting a new heating system to remove your old system to installing the new propane system.
  • We will need to ensure that your oil tank is at a level where it can be removed from the home. We recommend that the oil tank being removed is at 1/8 or less when we schedule the installation.
  • Once the fuel levels are confirmed a date and time to install your heating system will be scheduled.
  • We will have to remove the old heating system, oil storage tank, piping, and other applications. After removing the old system, the new propane heating system will be installed. Any previous piping to radiators, baseboards, or vents will be seamlessly connected to ensure you receive the same or better comfort.
  • As part of the Santoro Oil Family of Companies, Gas Doctor customers now have access to propane delivery. We can discuss setting up a delivery schedule and propane service plan.

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