The Benefits of Converting an Oil System

Why Convert Your Oil System?

Converting from Oil to Natural Gas

When converting from Oil to Natural Gas there are several things that should be considered depending on the age of the oil system and the condition of the tank and piping. One of the benefits of converting to Natural Gas is never having to worry about filling your tank as you will always have a steady stream of fuel delivered through the piping in your home. You have the ability to have the most energy-efficient and clean-burning appliances on the market. After converting from oil to gas, you may qualify for further rebates and home energy-saving upgrades like home insulation for 1/4th of the price through National Grid.

During the conversion process, a small trench will be dug from the street to your home. This will be done as minimally as possible.

The Best Place to Have Your Meter

The best place to have your meter.

A Natural Gas meter works similarly to your electric meter. The meter measures the flow of gas coming into the home by thousands of cubic feet (MCF) or hundreds of cubic feet (CCF). Your meter location will be the entry point for the natural gas into your home. Like an oil system, the boiler or furnace does not have to be directly next to the entry point but the location to your appliances should be considered.

Reading Your Gas Meter

Reading your meter is easier than you think, some meters do come with digital displays making this process easier.

  • A typical meter will have four dials and should be read from left to right. This is opposite to how you would read an electric meter
  • The dials to the far left and the second from the right move in opposite directions from the other two dials, similarly to an electric meter.

How long does it take to convert from Oil to Natural Gas?

This is where a 24-hour service company like Gas Doctor makes a difference. The process to convert an Oil home to a Natural Gas home will take the Gas Doctor between one and two days. This doesn't include the time that it is required for the gas company to come out and install the piping.

Converting from Oil to Propane

If you live in an area that isn't serviced by Natural Gas, Propane is an excellent alternative to oil heat. Propane, like Natural Gas, allows for entire home comfort, through energy efficient boilers or furnaces, cooking, and laundry drying.

Propane is delivered in a liquid form and is then changed to a gas before it leaves the tank. Propane is measured in water capacity, meaning what is the equilivent capacity of the tank if filled with water.

Exterior Propane Tanks

Exterior Propane Tanks

Unlike natural gas, you will have to have your propane tanks filled periodically based on your usage. Refills can be spread out more through the use of several tanks and larger tanks, these options will be determined based on your needs.

Tanks do feature gauges on the top to monitor how much is remaining in the tank. During the first few months of service with Gas Doctor, we'll need to periodically check the levels to determine your use pattern.

Converting to Propane with Gas Doctor does allow for a quicker overall installation over Natural Gas

Everything will be handled by Gas Doctor. Propane is handled by individual suppliers like Gas Doctor instead of a regional or state company for Natural Gas or electricity. We can have your entire system installed, guaranteed within two weeks.

Tank(s) will be installed outside of the home

Tanks have to be a certain distance from the home depending on the size.

  • Tanks under 125-gallon water capacity can be set right against your home.
  • Tanks 125-249 gallon water capacity must be 10 feet from the home.
  • Tanks 250+ gallon water capacity and above must be 25 feet from the home.
Construction During Converting